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‘Alexa, open Deadly Questions’

‘Alexa, open Deadly Questions’


‘Alexa, open Deadly Questions’

Building on the success of the campaign and leveraging the rich library of questions submitted via the public and responded to by the campaign's Aboriginal champions, the Deadly Questions Alexa Skill provides a new, voice-activated way for Victorians to engage in the discussion. 

The Alexa Skill has been built as an immersive extension to the web platform where Victorians could ask questions, with those questions answered by Aboriginal Victorians. 

The Skill provides users with two distinct ways to explore the Deadly Questions content - the first through a question of the day functionality, and the other being the ability to explore each of the various topics, allowing users to explore and learn at their own pace. 

My role was to write the scripts for the skill, aggregate content, and design conversation flows as Copywriter on the project.

Check it out here


AWARD awards - Apr 2019
Bronze - Direct - Deadly Questions
Bronze - Integrated - Deadly Questions
Bronze - Creativity for Good - Deadly Questions

Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge: Multimodal - Apr 2019 

Bonus Prize - Australia Store - Deadly Questions