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Game Design & Research


Play is an occasion of pure waste: waste of time, energy, ingenuity, skill, and often of money... In spite of this, or because of it, play constitutes an essential element of human social and spiritual development

R. Caillois

My formal education and design background is steeped in Game Design and theory; shaping my thinking in terms of User Experience and Interaction.

Toof Boy (Pictured above)

Created as a proof of concept using Unity 3D, Toof Boy was created for a game concept that didn’t go ahead.

“The Art of Learning: Games, Players, UCC & Paratext”

In my Master’s Thesis, I wrote about (basically) how players utilise User-Created Content to shape and change their subculture and define the idea of ‘game mastery’.

Read it here:

Clone Runner

Clone Runner is a time trial based running game. It was based of pre-existing code we had developed for another project, due to the scope of the project being a MVP, we focused production mainly on game mechanics and core design.

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