The Naughty or Nice Bauble


The Naughty or Nice Bauble

From initial IA/Wireframing, to the finished product

From initial IA/Wireframing, to the finished product

The baubles are controlled by bluetooth-enabled smartphones and can be switched to red (naughty) or green (nice) with the controlling app.

My role on this project was to bring the concept to life through overall project management, and designing the user experience from opening the box to hanging it on the tree. Wire-framing, researching and conceptualising how the product would behave (lights, haptics, and app interaction) when in the hands of our end users, and working with our production partner to bring it to life.

With our development partner, we created an API fed from the Bauble App that allowed the nation’s bauble statuses to be displayed on digital outdoor, display and social media, letting everyone know whether their state was naughty or nice.

Experience Designer & Producer: Damian Asling

UI/Digital Design: Adam Hengstberger

Art Director: Trong Ronakiat

Copywriter: Shane Geffen


AWARD awards - Apr 2019
Gold - Integrated Campaign - Myer Bauble
Gold - Mobile - Emerging Digital / Connected Products - Myer Bauble 
Gold - Promotion and Experiential - Myer Bauble 
Gold - Marker Disruption - Innovative Product/Service Development - Myer Bauble 
Silver - Innovation - Product Innovation - Myer Bauble 
Silver - Digital - Mobile - Myer Bauble
Bronze - Branded Entertainment and Content - Experiential - Interactive - Myer Bauble